It took some time to admit I love glamour and it isn't a dirty word.  The word glamour can entail so many "looks". Breaking preconceived ideas of what glamour is, is my biggest battle. Glamour Photography captures beauty, subtle to bold.
The hair, makeup options, clothing, props and more provide clients with glamour choices.  It's not all big and bold sometimes it's soft and subtle looks  The point is it's not about judging but being true to who you are.  ​​​​​​​
A dreamy glamour magazine about transformation. See extreme glamour makeovers! I transport everyday beauties to amazing. I feature their stories on why and how they transformed inside and out.
I created this magazine to encourage, inspire and celebrate people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and styles. You are amazing right now and I'm proving it by transforming everyday beauties to their wildest dreams. Get inspired to reach for your star.  
Get ready for gorgeous glamour transformations; Boudoir Fairytales, Pinup Dolls, Vintage Vixens, Fantasy Creatures, and Fitness Titans.​​​​​​​
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